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In 2007, 195 individuals and families committed $3 million dollars to renovate the NE Indy campus and transform the warehouse into a worship auditorium. Today we’re a church of over 4,000 people.

195=4,000 people

Those early people saw a vision of a church that could change a community and bring people to Jesus Christ. That vision is real and alive.

They were in.

Currently, there are 2 million people living in Greater Indianapolis. For every ten people, five don’t go to church. That’s a million people—the same people who pass you by in your neighborhoods, on highways, in classrooms and cubicles.

Every number is a name.
Every name is a story.
Every story is a person God loves.

Ten Year Vision

In the next ten years, we dream of reaching 20,000 people for Christ. In the first three, we need to build permanent homes for our Fishers, Westifeld and Downtown campuses. The ripple of that influence will touch the lives of hundreds of thousands. We want to position ourselves to reach our city by placing a campus with 20 minutes of every person. 

4,000=20,000 people

While Sunday mornings continue to be one of the most segregated times of the week, the diversity of Heartland Church has uniquely equipped us to take our message to all corners of our city. 

Taking this first step towards reaching 20,000 people for Christ, we will need supernatural generosity and your God-sized faith beyond your tithe to make this happen.

Imagine if all of us were in.

To set us on this path, we need to build permanent homes in the next three years for the Fishers, Downtown and Westfield
Campuses and be ready for where God leads us next.



Phase One (2017-2020)
$24 Million

We hope to raise at least $16 million over three years, over and above our current giving. If necessary, the balance will be funded through a mortgage. We will fund these projects at the speed of generosity!